Jerk Tofu, Mango Salsa, & Tropical Rice

Jerk Tofu with Mango Salsa & Tropical Rice

Total Calories 572 – Protein 36.2g – Carbs 74.1g – Fat 18.8g | If you’ve never had jerk sauce before you are in for a surprise of lovely flavor that borders on sweet with a touch of heat

Vegetables for dinner

Vegetarian Eating and How I Got Here

Vegetarian: a goal long forgotten, so much so I had sworn at one point I would never be… resurfaced. 5 years later I have finally made it

Halved avocados on stone with a spoon in one half

The Keto Diet Explained in Depth

The nuts and bolts of the keto diet explained. Don’t know where to start the keto diet? In this article we cover the basics of getting started

An open avocado in contrast with the pink background

The Ketogenic Diet and My Experience

The most positive side effect to the ketogenic diet, and I assume the reason that most everyone wants to try it, is I lost a ton of weight.

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