It’s better late than never I suppose. Things have been hectic in Josie and I’s life since I was laid off at my job. You read that title right though, we moved to Denver in Colorful Colorado! After three years in Portland, we finally made the jump. Denver was something that Josie and I had been planning since this last winter, but we were planning to make it happen in the summer of 2020. The plan was to stack up and get some additional benefits from the company I was working at to help the financials of moving to Denver. However, we got a push from the universe and as stressful as everything has been, I truly believe this is a blessing and not a curse of a situation.

My blog and everything is not big time by any means, and I work in construction management by day and blog and personal train by night. The company I was working for had several large construction projects that got dropped and after waiting several months they started to downsize to keep the company afloat. I was unfortunately 1 of 20 plus people that got laid off at the company during this process. This also happened 3 weeks before we were planning to sign a new lease, and the gray of Portland was starting to set in for the winter. In a whirlwind of planning about what we wanted for our futures, we decided that if we were going to move that the stars had aligned to go ahead and make the move happen.

What made us want to move

Oregon is a lovely state! The outdoors there has little competition in the ways of hiking and the outdoors. The landscape of Oregon is ridiculous, and I encourage everyone to visit during the summer for awesome hiking adventures. Also, as I am quickly learning here in Denver, the coffee shops and brewery game is never going to match Portland. The coffee in Portland is beyond anywhere I have been and has helped fuel my obsession with coffee into what most would probably consider snobby levels.

With all the outdoors, coffee, and breweries there was one thing we couldn’t cope with. That is the weather during the winter months. Both Josie and I are from the south, although separate states. Seasonal Affective Disorder never really came into play for us growing up. However, in Portland, there is a lot of S.A.D going around, and people tend to hibernate during the winter. Both don’t play well with our need to be social creatures on the town. Additionally, the cost of living in Portland is extremely high, and we are looking to save money and buy a house, which we would have never been able to do if we stayed in Portland.

Why we are moving to Denver

We are huge outdoors people, with lofty hiking goals, and during the winter we love to be on the mountain skiing and snowboarding. Not to mention, I am working my way towards getting into fly fishing and kayaking. Additionally, both of us thought when we moved to Oregon, that it was far enough north that we would get snow. Turns out we got the gray rainy version of the winter we were expecting. So, in an attempt to keep the outdoors, gain snow, and keep some of Portland’s city qualities Denver was the move. So far Denver has been everything we wanted. We got 6 inches of snow in our first week here, and we have keystone passes to shred the pow. People here are also the most wonderful and nice people I’ve ever met!

The Road Trip Cancelled

In our original plan for moving to Denver, which was a year out we had an awesome series of hikes from Moab to Zion national park totaling over 63 miles of hiking. This plan also fell through the cracks with me losing the job, and we ended up settling for a day in Moab. Woah is me, right? Remember, still a blessing, this whole thing. Planning to get a post up about this soon, but for now, the job hunt is on!0

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