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Just a few weeks ago everything was normal except my excessive workload I allowed to be piled onto me. Hooray for being the new guy and attempting to make a good name at the company. Coming off a short hiatus from the gym, I was excited to get back to it.

Like a good apocalypse movie though, things got strange here in Colorado pretty quick. The rest of ski season got cancelled, and what was at first kind of a joke turned into a serious issue. Enter Covid-19. Not long after the ski areas closed, the gyms did too, and not just here. This happened all over the world, putting a lot of us in a fitness jam. So many people that were on their way to losing that weight they’ve always wanted to, or all those people working to get ripped. All the momentum they all had, cut off like a light switch at bedtime.

Plenty of us get so much more out of the gym than the weights that we lift. If you’re like me, going to the gym directly affects my mood, how I think (positive or negative), sleep patterns, dietary patterns, ambition and drive, and so much more. It really is true you’re not just building muscle at the gym, you’re building character too.

Press the Panic Button


Instead of doing the covid-19 panic and buying loads of toilet paper. In fact, we didn’t panic to buy anything. It took me a week to decide to go buy some stuff so that we could workout at home. Ever the optimist, I wanted to get home workout equipment to continue something resembling a workout. Although, I was apparently not the only person that had what I thought to be a unique idea, because the sporting goods stores were bare bones in the fitness sections. Fortunately for me, I wasn’t looking for your everyday weights like everyone else. I actually stood next to a guy who admitted defeat in his search while staring at the same items I bought and have been able to work out with since.

Home Workout Essentials:

Here’s what I bought and what can get you through your quarantine while still providing a decent workout to maintain:

  1. Serious Steel Full Loop Resistance Bands
    • These are great for way more than pull up assistance, and we use them at the house like regular resistance bands.
  2. Pull Up Bar for your door frame
    • This is great to help hit back and bicep exercises at the house, but combined with the resistance bands above you can slay just about any body part
  3. TRX System
    • This is great because it gives you some variance in your workouts, it’s great for recovery workouts, and if you have a door you can use the TRX.
      • They also include their own workout programs so you can follow along with them for free


  • If you have a garage than I envy you because you can get your own fold up rack, and a semi dedicated workout space (which is one of the tips for staying on track at home. More Below)

Consistency In Your Home Workout


At the end of the day though, working out from home is a hard thing to stay consistent with. Especially if you’re like me and Josie and live in an apartment. With all the talk about opening the economy in the US again VS. what I think should be done are 2 different things. I’m not sure how long we will or won’t be in quarantine. So, to follow through with the list of things to get, here is a list of ways to keep yourself to engaged and consistent with your workouts during quarantine or to continue kicking ass because you found out you love working out from home.

  1. Have a dedicated workout space. If you have the room, having a space that you use for workouts only helps keep your mind on the task when you are in there.
  2. Workout at the same time every single day. We are creatures of habit, so if you always workout at 3pm, then come that time everyday you’ll be feeling like you should be doing your workout.
  3. Don’t wear your gym clothes around the house before you work out. Getting dressed for a workout serves a mental starting ritual, which is a strong indicator to your brain of what the game plan is.
  4. Play music ether out loud or in your ears. We all listen to music at the gym, and it’s because it helps your brain enter a flow state. This is key especially when doing a home workout, because all your distractions are there.
  5. Do your workout immediately before or following your workday, just like you normally would. It’s easier to stay in work mode than it is to switch out and relax just to switch back again.

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