Mission statement:

Our mission is to help grow the plant-based community by helping men and women catch their fitness dreams with science and experience backed methods. We do the research so that you don’t have to, saving you time and helping you avoid mistakes. All while simultaneously providing everything you need to be successful. The only thing we can’t do for you, is the work!

Plant-Based Diet: A plant-based diet is a diet consisting mostly or entirely of foods derived from plants, including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits, and limited or no animal products

Starting With Why:

Simply put; We do this because it is our passion! We eat, sleep, lift, eat – Repeat! There is a big myth out there that you can’t perform on plant power, but we want to say otherwise. We’re killing our workouts not animals and sharing our love for the lift with you!


Meet Our Team

About Hampton:

Hey there! My name is Hampton Tyler and I am the founder and owner of Fit to Be You. I help others achieve their dream physique and fitness goals. I am certified in general nutrition and personal training. I have over 6 years in sports fitness and bodybuilding combined. Even now I am still learning new things all the time.

Started in 2019 as a passion project and my love for sharing fitness, this site is a quickly growing collective of personal sculptors and enthusiasts across the globe.

If you love bodybuilding and learning about nutrition, you’ll feel right at home here. You can expect to find advice on nutrition and how to better master your diet and finally keep that weight off for good! You can also expect to learn about fitness in general. I want to share with you things that take time and experience to learn so that you can achieve your goals that much sooner!

If you had told me just a few years ago that I would have found passion in competitive weightlifting and bodybuilding I would have laughed at you. Of course, me back then also never exercised, binged on soda, chicken, and booze. Weighing in at the heaviest I have ever weighed in my life, I became increasingly embarrassed. I weighed almost as much as my dad, who is a couple a inches in taller than me with a 30-year investment in beer belly. I wanted to make a serious change, not just to get fit and feel good again, but I wanted to make it last. I wanted (still want) to be the jacked silver fox. I imagined the doc. telling me that I was in extraordinary condition for my age. Off to the races I went… somewhere along the line it just became part of my life that I don’t compromise. The gym is my happy place.

Outside of the gym I love being outside hiking, playing lacrosse, and shredding some powder on the mountains. I’m also entrepreneur obsessed, and love working on other personal passion projects in my free time. Currently I live in Portland, Oregon with my lovely partner (and hopefully soon to be fur children…sorry mom, only children you’re getting from us)

Personal Trainer: Hampton Tyler
Josie - Our inspirational chef

About Josie:

Meet Josie. She is my wonderful supporting partner. When we first started dating, she had a hard fast rule of not dating a vegetarian. 3 years later when I decided it was something I wanted to do, she mostly took it in stride (we’re still working on it). Josie is not a vegetarian. As she calls it, she’s a meatatarian, but she’s wonderfully supportive of something she doesn’t agree with for me.

Josie is business a woman extraordinaire and runs her own business in hazmat logistics. I was not only lucky enough to get to call her mine, but she also agreed to be the Fit To Be You inspirational chef. Jojo loves cooking, and it is one of the ways she shows the people around her love. In the last couple years, I’ve tried to convince her to do a food blog, but she doesn’t want to put in the work on the blog. So, now she’s the chef for us!! I had to give her credit somehow.

Her favorite foods are Asian anything after living in Nam for 3 years. She’s just as spicy as her food is in all the best ways, and I’m happy to have her on my team. Please join her by following her recipes, which are best followed with an evening glass or two of white or pink wine.